Studio Milan Nedvěd is a multidisciplinary graphic design practise with emphasis on typography – whether for screen or paper.

Libor Fojtík

So what is like tramping scene in 2020? This author's photo book was created as an homage to everyone who is or remained young, had wandering feet, and was enthralled with the outdoors. No matter if they called themselves tramps, woodcrafters, hobos, ramblers, cowboys, or Indians, or if they eventually attached a satellite dish to their cabins, they are all a part of the almost exclusively Czech and Slovak tramping scene – considered the largest subculture in both countries. Photography by Libor Fojtík. Texts by Jan Pohunek, Tomáš Pospěch and Michael Antony.

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06/2020, # 152 pages + 16 pages, 168 × 221 mm, hardcover, ISBN 978-80-87407-18-9, BUY, VIDEO

Tomáš Pospěch
Ztráta plánu
(Plans Went Astray)

Known informally as the Šumperák, the “Model V single-family home” became a smash hit, far and away the most commonly built model home in Czechoslovakia. It was loved – and loathed. Estimates of how many of these houses were built range from 5,000 to as many as 20,000. Given that Šumperáks were self-built, they naturally testify to their owners’ taste and skills. There is no way of knowing which house is the original. Tomáš Pospěch’s book provides a distinctive interpretation of this hit. Using the example of the Šumperák, Pospěch contemplates that period’s architecture as well as questions regarding originality and serialization. Just as each new building was blurring the blueprint for the Model V single-family house, the Šumperák phenomenon is brought into focus.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2019 Shortlist

12/2019, # 272 pages, 220 × 230 mm, hardcover, ISBN 978-80-87407-22-6, BUY, VIDEO

National Gallery Prague
Exhibition Catalog

How did photographers reflect the year of 1989 in Czechoslovakia? This exhibition catalog commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. It also seeks to examine 1989, a turning point in many respects, from the distance of the three decades that have passed. It was critical for both Czech society at large and photography in particular. It marked 150 years since the discovery of the medium, and probably without photographers suspecting this, it was the final year they would spend working in the institutional framework they had been used to for years. The lives of many changed radically after the revolution, as they could now enjoy the freedoms, engage in business, hold exhibitions and create freely. The very medium of photography dissolved in a syncretism of new approaches and shortly afterwards also underwent a transformation of its technological foundations.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2019 Shortlist

11/2019, # 152 pages, 210 × 270 mm, swiss binding, ISBN 978-80-7035-737-8, BUY, VIDEO

National Gallery Prague
Exhibition & Visual Campaign

Exhibition graphics and visuals for the National Gallery's exhibition 1989 at the Trade Fair Palace in Prague. This exhibition was organised to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution as part of the project Havel na Hrad! (Havel to the Castle!). Architect Zbyněk Baladrán.

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Jan Šépka

The monograph of a prominent Czech architect Jan Šépka published on the occasion of his 50th birthday and summarizing his life work. Šépka said that “Dogmas cannot create architecture, and therefore it is necessary to liberate it from the captivity of rationality and bring it back to something where emotion or subjective mood plays a role.” In the times of corporate pragmatism he has consistently applied artistic creativity as a starting quality for his architectural visions. He presents it in this book for the first time in a more comprehensive way also other works of art particularly in the form of drawings and paintings.

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10/2019, # 720 pages, 208 × 276 mm, hardcover, ISBN 978-80-8798-998-2, BUY,

Melting Edge
(tání hrany)

Graphic design, promotional materials and exhibition graphics for the exhibition Melting Edge (tání hrany) at Portheimka – Glass Museum. The exhibition is a tribute to three outstanding artists – Eliška Rožátová (*1940), Dana Vachtová (*1937), and Jiřina Žertová (*1932), who contributed significantly to the development of Czech studio glassmaking in the second half of the 20th century. Curators Tereza Havlovicová and Ján Gajdušek.

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Fedor Gál & Jan Urban
Veľký tresk (The Big Bang)

They were there when the regime broke. It was indeed the Big Bang. Fedor Gál as one of the leaders of Verejnosť proti nasiliu in Slovakia and Jan Urban as a spokerperson of Občanské fórum in the Czech Republic. Both were in significant positions at the time. Three decades later they recognize the problems that todays society is troubled again. They wrote this for the generation who began to perceive the world after the Big Bang. Many will feel that their story is lacking a glorious tone, pathos… This pamphlet was published by Pohoda Festival and will be primarily distributed to visitors and music festival participants. Illustrations by Lucie Lučanská.

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7/2019, # 120 pages, 130 × 185 mm, loop stitched binding, ISBN 978-80-973383-0-5, BUY

Zlín Architecture Manual
Identity proposal

In mid of 2019 we were asked to join competition for the identity of Zlín Architecture Manual, which is a popular guide through interwar architecture in city of Zlín in southeastern Moravia in the Czech Republic. The online/offline database will feature examples of modern architecture mostly influenced by the developement of the modern city closely connected to the Bata Shoes company and its social scheme.

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The National Theatre Yearbook
2019–2020 Season

For the first time The National Theatre Drama presents its plans and informative materials that will whet your appetite for the coming season. This tiny publication presents not only dramaturgic plan or practical information, but also new projects that are in progress as well as the themes, articles and thoughts The National Theatre finds important. Good reading before the grand drape goes up! Photography by Daniela & Linda Dostálkovy.

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☺ Gold at the European Design Awards 2020

6/2019, # 208 pages, 100 × 175 mm, perfect binding, ISBN 978-80-7258-697-4

Architektura 1815–2018

On the occasion of the celebration of the 850th anniversary of the town Hranice, a comprehensive book was published by historian and photographer Tomáš Pospěch about important and notable buildings of the town and its surroundings. The book focuses on architecture from 1815 to the present days. From Austrian military schools, through sacred architecture, industrial heritage, functionalist buildings by architects like Bohumil Fuchs to contemporary housing and constructions.

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5/2019, # 232 pages, 165 × 215 mm, dust jacket transparent PVC foil with attached postcards, soft sewn binding, ISBN 978-80-87407-26-4, BUY, VIDEO

Pospěch/Fišerová (eds.)
Role fotografie

Role fotografie (The Role of the Photography) is a book of conversations with 22 various photographic professions. Forensic. Scientific. Macro. Food. Nature. Extreme sports. Documentary. Art. Printer. Teacher. Curator. Editor. Restorer. Book designer. Visual Artist. Printer. Collector. Edited by Tomáš Pospěch and Lucia L. Fišerová.

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4/2019, # 144 pages, 150 × 220 mm, dust jacket plasticized PVC foil, soft sewn binding, ISBN 978-80-8740-727-1, BUY, VIDEO

Fedor Gál (ed.)
mojich tridsať rokov
(My Thirty Years)

In 2019 it will be 30 years since the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. Former politician, a founding member of the revolution movement VPN, sociologist and writer Fedor Gál asks seventeen individuals to share their reflections and memories about their post-revolutionary life.

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1/2019, # 272 pages, 165 × 213 mm, soft sewn binding, ISBN 978-80-8150-252-1, BUY

Illustrations for
mojich tridsať rokov
(My Thirty Years)

For previous book mojich tridsať rokov I have created nineteen original paper collages. These collages are assembled from magazines, newspapers, ads, published in Czechoslovakia in early 1990s. They function as visual fragments and witnesses of that time, as well as personal texts written by contributors. Hopefully the collages encourage readers to evoke their own associations and memories of the important events of that time. The collages are printed only in two colors - black and metallic silver.

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Tomáš Pospěch
Zemědělské práce Slušovice

A book about agricultural miracle JZD Slušovice, which was reputed to be the best and most technologically advanced collective farm in Czechoslovakia in 1980s. It is compiled of advertising images that were accidentaly discovered by curator and photography historian Tomáš Pospěch.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2018 Shortlist

11/2018, # 216 pages, 165 × 202 mm, dust jacket transparent PVC foil, Otabind, ISBN 978-80-87407-20-2, BUY, VIDEO

The Prague Art Guide

Do you like art? At least a little? If your answer is a yes, then try exploring Prague with Kurátor! Authors Valérie Dvořáková, Štěpánka Veselská and Ján Gajdušek have chosen the best fine art that has appeared over the centuries in the city of Prague, up until the present day. Traditional galleries, contemporary spaces, paintings and sculptures, art cafés, art in the streets, and people who have something to say about it. Photography by Teodorik Menšl.

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11/2018, # 320 pages, 185 × 235 mm, dust jacket plasticized PVC foil, flexi binding, ISBN 978-80-242-6247-5 (Czech), ISBN 978-80-242-6248-2 (English), BUY

Mikulov 2009–2018
Photography Workshop

This catalog sums up 10 years of photography workshop in Mikulov. It offers several different perspectives of life in Mikulov, inadvertently also exposing a glimpse of day-to-day life in the Czech Republic today. Editor Tomáš Pospěch.

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10/2018, # 220 pages, 185 × 235 mm, dust jacket plasticized PVC foil, swiss binding, ISBN 978-80-87407-24-0, BUY, VIDEO

Kateřina Šedá
catalog and interim report on the organization’s activities

The catalogue is published in conjunction with Kateřina Šedá’s UNES-CO project, which is representing the Czech Republic at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. Kateřina Šedá has prepared a project that explores the absence of normal life in the centers of popular tourist destinations. The UNES-CO project’s catalogue has been conceived as a presentation of this new company and as an interim report on its activities.

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5/2018, # 228 pages, 190 × 250 mm, twin wire binding, variable post-it notes manually attached to each copy, ISBN 978-80-907123-1-7, BUY

Fedor Gál

This is a book of aphorisms written by sociologist and former politician Fedor Gál. Photography by Miro Švolík.

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3/2018, # 80 pages, 138 × 184 mm, paperback, ISBN 978-80-815-0218-7, BUY

Laterna Magika 60 Years
Visual Campaign

The world's first multimedia theatre Laterna Magika in Prague celebrates this year 60 years of its existence. Happy birthday!

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Havrlant Art Collection

Havrlant Art Collection is a private collection of contemporary Czech and Slovak art. It was founded in 2016 by Kateřina and Jakub Havrlant. The collection currently includes paintings, statues, installations, and photographs. Flexible and responsive logotype always follows form of initial letter H.

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Havrlant Art Collection

Havrlant Art Collection is presented via webpages which inform potential buyers about the works of art and their authors within a wider context. The aim of the Havrlant Art Collection is not only to build a representative collection of contemporary art but also to support young artists in their work. It is a living and growing organism that wants to present its growth using virtual space.

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National Theater
Visual identity for Season 2017/18

Graphic design for season 2017/18 campaign promoting new National Theater's drama performances. Photography by Dita Pepe.

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Catalog for Ostrava Photo 2017

This is a large format festival catalog for the II. International Biennial of Photography Ostrava Photo 2017 - With Different Eyes / Between Certainty and Uncertainty.

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6/2017, # 76 pages, 320 × 450 mm, ISBN 978-80-270-2121-5, BUY

David Gaberle

The photography book Metropolight by David Gaberle is about the relationship between the city, the people who inhabit it, and the light that shapes its atmosphere. It is a record of what the city moulds us into, and how we try to remain authentic to ourselves at the same time. The alienating culture of the seemingly developed cities continues to challenge our humanness in the 21st century.

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Introduction video "Metropolight" @Kickstarter

5/2017, # 80 pages, 206 × 244 mm, half cloth binding, PVC jacket, ISBN 978-80-7437-228-5, BUY

My name is Hungry Buffalo

Jan calls himself Buffalo. He loves cowboys, he’s blind, and may lose his hearing. This book follows his journey to America to visit the medicine man of the Navajo tribe, who wants to perform a ritual to help his hearing. The book includes authentical drawings by the medicine man of the Navajo tribe Blackhorse + photographic series by Roman Franc from Shiprock in New Mexico.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2016 Shortlist

11/2016, # 80 pages, 210 × 253 mm, swiss binding, Braille emboss, bookmark attached, ISBN 978-80-270-0737-0, BUY

My name is Hungry Buffalo

Poster design for the documentary movie about Jan who calls himself Buffalo. He loves cowboys, he’s blind, and may lose his hearing. This movie follows his journey to America to visit the chief of the Navajo tribe, who wants to perform a ritual to help his hearing. Photography © Roman Franc.

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The Perception (Vnímání)
Jan Šépka

The Samson Fountain in České Budějovice was, for about a month, located in a circular space which on one hand separated it from the square itself, and at the same time created a peaceful background and intimacy for it that the landmark would never have. This project was a reflection on what we consider an important part and a dominating feature of public space, and how we perceive certain hidden spaces that provide us with social and cultural activities. Photography © Tomáš Malý.

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The Future Past
(Budoucí minulost)

Catalog for the photo exhibition at OFF_Festival presents the work of several students chosen from graduate theses projects from the Institute of Creative Photography. 8 artists presented are personally involved to a greater or lesser extent in the depicted themes, which are often a part of their own personal history. They record empty places and scars, deal with themes that are not present or discussed in contemporary society, or photograph things that are now gone and defy being captured by the camera. Curators Tomáš Pospěch and Štěpánka Stein.

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7/2016, # 12 pages (3 sheets), 300 × 420 mm, unbounded

Roman Franc
House of Essens

This book was published on the occasion of the completion of the new ESSENS headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. During the construction photographer Roman Franc observed and documented stories of people who have worked on the new building.

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6/2016, # 112 pages, 245 × 325 mm, cardboard wrap with die cutting and 3D varnish, ISBN 978-80-906018-7-1

The City and Its Landmarks

The town of Hranice lies in the Moravian Gate Valley mainly on the right side of the river Bečva. It is wedged between the Oder hills and undulating country under the Beskids called Maleník. This catalog is a representative selection of photographs of the town and surroundings photographed by local patriot, curator, historian and photographer Tomáš Pospěch. Graphics is originally inspired by the town´s official flag.

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5/2016, # 240 pages, 210 × 297 mm, hard cover, case
ISBN 978-80-87407-16-5, BUY

Marek Matuštík
Unspoken Games

For last few years photographer Marek Matuštík has been exploring inner world of his children - a world full of creativity, excitement, fun and games.

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5/2016, # 80 pages, 210 × 260 mm, detachable magnetic cover photo, cardboard, cover debossed, limited author´s edition

Jan Jindra
The Eighties (Osmdesátky)

In the 1980s, Jan Jindra created several photographic series that in many respects differ from those of the remarkable contemporaneous wave of Czech documentary photography. This is the author´s first monograph that contains all the important series from 1980s and it also includes November 1989 and the departure of the Soviet Army from Czechoslovakia in 1990.

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3/2016, # 160 pages, 185 × 270 mm, half cloth binding, ISBN 978-80-906019-6-3, BUY, VIDEO

Dita Pepe & Bára Baronová
Intimacy (Intimita)

The book Intimita/Intimacy is comprised of 6 literary adaptations and photography interpretations of open confessions and life stories by 6 women. It attempts to open an important personal and social issues and taboos – physical handicaps, depression, prostitution, cancer, dying.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2015
☺ Les Rencontres ARLES The 2016 Book Awards
☺ 28th Brno Biennial of Graphic Design 2018: International Exhibition

10/2015, text book 362 pages, 6 photobooks (40 pages each), 170 × 240 mm, cardboard wrap, ISBN 978-80-905239-3-7, BUY

Karel Novák
Naturally (Přirozeně)

For Karel Novák photographing nudity as a living phenomenon in the environment of naturist communities, to which he has belonged for decades, is completely natural. Not only are his photographs a record of the beauty of the naked body moving about freely in nature, but they also create a dialogue with the outside world which has a difficult time understanding the ideals of naturism because it lacks that basic, authentic experience.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2015

10/2015, # 144 pages, 245 × 325 mm, cardboard wrap, ISBN 978-80-906019-3-2, BUY, VIDEO

Labor Camp Barbora
Lágr Barbora
Jindřich Štreit

This book consists of authentic memories of Josef Černohorský — former prisoner of the communist regime in the 1950´s — who was imprisoned against his will in Jáchymov uranium mine Barbora.

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6/2015, # 114 pages, 130 × 185 mm, hardcover, book cloth, silkscreen, pocket with historical documents, correspondence and personal attachments, ISBN 978-80-905239-4-4, BUY

Ostrava Photo 2015
International Photography Festival Visual Identity

The basic element of the logo and of the festival´s visual are the basic photographic formats: square, portrait, landscape. In typography these elements are used in proportion to the size and media. This basic typographic expression is then expanded to include illustrations which motifs and themes are inspired by the photographer´s practice. Each edition of the festival will be delivered and designed by different illustrator. This year was illustrated by Timur Aloev.

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How to make a city?
(Jak se dělá město)
Jan Šépka

This is a catalog of student projects from the Faculty of Architecture in Prague, led by architect Jan Šépka, in cooperation with city representatives from 8 cities in the Czech Republic. Students demonstrate several architectural and urban visions and outline different options in planning the strategy of urban concepts and future city development.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2015 Shortlist

11/2014, # 640 pages, 210 × 277 mm, open binding, custom polyethylene foil, ISBN 978-80-870641-5-3, BUY

Dita Pepe

For last 15 years photographer Dita Pepe has been exploring ideas of identity and environment in two photographic series titled "Self-portraits with men" and "Self-portraits with women". She seeks to completely assimilate into the lives of other people. The book cover uses a variety of her own signatures to underline the same idea of identity but using a typographic language.

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☺ KALEID EDITIONS 2015, London

10/2014, # 112 pages, 245 × 325 mm, cardboard, cover debossed, ISBN 978-80-905363-9-5, BUY

Dita Pepe & Bára Baronová
Love Yourself
(Měj ráda sama sebe)

This book shows the process how photographer shares experience of the therapeutic form of photography with other women - her friends but also women in crisis - and in so doing reminds people of the "Love yourself" theme. The book itself is inspired and influenced by a Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman and his book "The Art of Life".

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☺ Art Books Wanted International Awards 2014

5/2014# 160 pages, 210 × 277 mm, open binding, mirror board, ISBN 978-80-905239-1-3, BUY

Jetlag Typeface

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In developement.

Dita Pepe & Bára Baronová
The Misses (Slečny)

The book Slečny/The Misses is comprised of eight literary adaptations of open confessions of unmarried women in the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia, ranging from 1920’s to the present. The resulting book is a combination of documentary work, journalism, sociological research, creative writing, historical, political and economic reflections, gender subjects, art and photographs.

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☺ The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2013
☺ Art Books Wanted International Awards 2013

6/2012, # 346 pages, 148 × 210 mm, edge coloring, cover/jacket debossed, ISBN 978-80-905239-0-6

In-between Typeface

In-between typeface was originally designed for the thesis book at RISD. It mimics the idea of physical gaps, drawing attention to the in-between moments inside of individual letterforms.

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The Atlas of Google Street View Dead Ends: Graduate Thesis I., @RISD

The Atlas of Dead Ends is a collection of fifty photographs taken through Google Street View application from the United States of America. These photographs are always from places where Google Street View car stopped to shoot for more images. These virtual dead ends are usually just in the middle of the road. They have no geographic value or history. I find road as a metaphor for progress. But in this case these places symbolize the end, a limit. They are witnessing the expansion of digital technology. Yet as technology will keep moving towards new horizons these places will sooner or later disappear. This book is a documentation of this never-ending evolution.

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4/2012, # 130 pages, 8 × 11 in, spiral binding, + 2 postcards

Typeface by Instructions
Workshop with Jürg Lehni, @RISD

In this workshop with Jürg Lehni a task was to create a set of instructions. Together with Yejin Cho we have decided to create instructions which will guide you to construct a simple modular system, which will ultimately allow you to create letterforms.

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building blocks (poster)
@RISD Museum of Art

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Misprint Sketchbooks

At RISD I was used to save misprints from my recent projects in order to create sketchbooks and practice binding possibilities.

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Pomsta Typeface

Display typeface inspired by Revenge = Vendetta = Die Rache = Vengeance = Venjança = Intikam = Răzbunare = Vendetta = Pomsta.

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Available on request.

Damian Ortega
@RISD Museum of Art

Damian Ortega’s installation in the space are deploying the principle of fragmentation and spatial dispersion of forms. How would he fragment letter forms? How would he allow viewers to experience this process of deconstruction and perception? And how does it feel to transfer three dimensional forms onto a flat surface? Even we’re looking at the two dimensional poster, we can experience tension between the three dimensional letterforms and the flatness of the canvas, between colors, clarity and experiment, information and interpretation.

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Workshop with Leonardo Sonnoli, @RISD

During the weekend workshop with Leonardo Sonolli at RISD our task was to promote the thing we hate. In collaboration with Yejin Cho we wanted to promote the superficiality. Even cliché has its own value. It saves time. Audience is familiar with cliché and it helps them to recognize the original context. Based on the study of the most popular words in advertising we created a simple online application that allows us to combine these words. The combination of these words could create only more superficial meaning.

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Super Superficiality Online Generator

Subtitles Study
(and intervention)
Grad Thesis II., @RISD

While thinking about language and its translation we never pay attention to formal language and beauty of subtitles in movies. Type is set in the most default setting. It´s a kind of black square of typography. How would you make the reader/viewer pay more attention to this quality rather than movie itself?

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# 240 pages, 11 × 17 in, perfect binding

Road Iceland Skull of Design

"I didn´t know you´ve been studying in Iceland!
That´s great. Is your school on the road?"

As non-english native speakers we tend to mishear and mispell english words and grammar. Unintentionally we create new forms and meanings.

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"A Small House"
Workshop with Lars Müller, @RISD

During this workshop with Swiss graphic designer, publisher and tutor Lars Müller the brief was to design a publication for young architects and people, knowing little about Le Corbusier and nothing about "Villa Le Lac", often ignoring the relevance of books for their search for knowledge.

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Missed Connections:
Something has disappeared
Graduate Studio II., @RISD

This project was originally inspired by photographs of abandoned places. This places evoke me abandoned stories. Similar abandoned stories appear every day in the category "Missed Connections" at craigslist. My intention was to create a chronologically ordered documentation that will show interaction with these people. These messages will never find the intended recipient and remain abandoned in the virtual space. Yet thanks to this virtual space they can be shared with others.

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3/2011, # 72 pages, 185 × 270 mm, french fold with die cutting

Babel Typeface

Babel is intended for display purposes. Inspired by the polorhythms, syncopation and improvisation of jazz music, it consists of 1 regular and 2 alternate alphabets (along with numbers and symbols) for mixing and matching, allowing you to create spontaneous typographic forms. Originally developed for British jazz label "Babel Label" with kind help of tutor Cyrus Highsmith.

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Available on request.

Chilean Miners Accident
Graduate Studio I., @RISD
From Database to Narrative

This book documents the entire story of trapped Chilean miners using only the titles of the articles published by the only one media source – Reuters – which provides news reports from all around the world.

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☺ 26th Brno Biennial of Graphic Design 2014:
International Exhibition Selection

10/2010, # 245 pages, 7 × 9 in, prong fastener

Workshop with Vaughan Oliver, @RISD

This project was developed in a visiting designer workshop with British graphic designer and tutor Vaughan Oliver at RISD. It was an experimental approach to the idea of representing the 13th month and designed along with classmates James J Grady and Camila M Afanador.

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5/2011, Set in Babel typeface. Available for purchase on Blurb.

El. Dan. Max.
Type III., @RISD

3 essays about typography written by El Lissitzky, Max Bill and Dan Friedman. 3 designers. 3 colors. 3 voices. Triangle.

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Michal Kuzemenský:

This is experimental book format presenting the key projects and personality of a contemporary Czech architect Michal Kuzemenský. Every project is represented by various paper sizes/formats. Binding solution with cooperation and kind help of Jan Činčera.

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☺ European Design Awards 2011 Bronze

6/2010, # 112 pages, 210 × 294 mm, multiple paper formats, stitch binding, VIDEO


A self-initiated project – series of 10 magazines. Mixing my favourite text and image inspiration sources into a single pocket brochure.

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